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The Journal of Duskirk

The Cataclysm: A catastrophic event that happened over 300 years ago that still effects the world to this day. A meteor shower of unparalleled savagery and supernatural intensity.

Hunting Grounds: The various districts, boroughs and neighborhoods that made up Duskirk, some official and many local divisions.

  • Cat’s Walk: A hodgepodge of buildings and factories built atop one another, many bridges and walkways crisscross it. Unlike the Rookery however it has maintained a kind of grace and still exhibits many middling class establishments.
  • The Woods: Once an aristocratic park from before the Cataclysm was built over. The woods though did not die, and their thick trees spread below the city streets.
  • Docks: The various shipwrights, docks and warehouses that line the various waterways and bay entrances of the city.
  • The Emerald Palace: The seat of the Imperial Family and the heart of aristocratic power.
  • Moira Manor: A manor that has been built over the entire island within the bay. The home of the Moira household.
  • The Shales: Built atop reclaimed land, the Shales house many of the poorer districts and suffer frequent collapses.
  • The Weave: The numerous inhabited bridges that span the city.
  • The Reef and Coral: The shipyards and refineries for the production of Leviathan oil.
  • The Rookery: A slum constructed early in the days following the Cataclysm, the Rookery was open land crammed full of multistory buildings without forethought or proper maintenance. Many illegal activities are conducted within.
  • Highcliff: Above the cliffs of the city the Highcliff is where many of the richer districts are.

Vessels of Vice:

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